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Fr. Joe Koyickal



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Message from Fr. Joe: 

by Fr. Joe Koyickal, S.A.C.,


Mother of God Province

 Think School,

   Fall brings with it the bright promise of new insights. Its for many of us a time of learning and increasing our knowledge. For those who are students it may mean hitting the books and also meeting new people.  We live in a multicultural society.  Can we be open to new ways of thinking and developing new friendships. Teachers prepare classes to stimulate our thinking.  Working with classmates to understand and develop skills and an openness. All that was dormant can’t wait and renew itself once again.

    For the Pallottines many new things have happened since I last wrote to you: We have had our retreat at San Alfonso in New Jersey as well as a continental meeting. Fr. Jacob and Fr. Denilson made their visitation to our Province talking to all of the members and spending an evening with our lay members of the Pallottine family as well. We had a wonderful family picnic.

    We have great plans for the expansion and improvement of our Retreat Center in Elkhorn Wisconsin.

We have been blessed with 2 new Pallottine bishops one in India and one in Poland, we have seen a growing congregation in our mission in Zambia.

Yes, Autumn is also a time time for growth and change. Wishing you a prayerful and happy school year  .

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